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  • Laser Parts For Sale
    Done with laser sailing. Selling all laser parts. If you need it i probably have it. Photos on request. Will discount on multiple items. Can be reached at (r 37 97 @ yahoo .com)

    C-Vane Wind Indicator with tube ($40 on APS)$25
    (3x) C-Vane HD Laser Bailer Springs ($10 On APS) $5 Each
    Top Section Cap W/Rivets $6
    Top Section Base $6
    Bottom Section Base $6
    Selden Laser Upper Mast Connector Sleeve ($11 on APS) $8
    Laser mast end plug kit ($11 on APS) $8
    (3x) Cockpit plugs $2
    Bow Eye ($8 on APS) $4...

    Laser Parts For Sale

  • Sail ID please
    Hello. I have had this dinghy sail for a while and cannot figure out what sailboat it goes to.

    Made by Lincoln Foster in 1954
    15' bolt rope luff
    9' loose foot
    17.5' leach with three battens

    Very nice quality sale in excellent shape. I am planning on listing it for sale soon but would like to find out what it is first to see if there is a local club.

    Thank You
    Brian View attachment 25537 View attachment 25538 View attachment 25539

  • 1980 AMF Sunfish Pensacola FL $1500
    1980 AMF Sunfish freshly restored. New Mai Tai sail from Laser Performance. New rudder, bow handle, bailer and lines. Mahogany daggerboard. Spars are straight and hull is smooth. Ready to sail.

    We restore a lot of Sunfish and " SUGAR 2" is a beauty. The sail sets perfect and the boat turns effortlessly, a great day sailer.

    Dolly not included but available for $495. Local delivery available.

    Cash, check or PayPal preferred.

    Thanks for looking!

    Author, The Sunfish Owners Manual...

    1980 AMF Sunfish Pensacola FL $1500

  • Carriage Bolt Sleeve Fiberglass Sunfish
    Plastic carriage bolt sleeve for pre 1972 fiberglass Sunfish, helps reduce slop and rudder pop up. Free USPS Priority shipping to Continental USA. Could be cut down for fiberglass Super Sailfish MKII.

    $25 each.

    Paypal preferred

    Kent View attachment 25572

  • Best kind of cockpit trim?
    Hello. I hope you are all well.
    I am starting to get my boat ready for the season and one job is to replace the cockpit trim. My boat is old and had the aluminium kind, but I am thinking of replacing it with the new plastic kind ...although I have never seen a boat with it on. Do people have strong opinions about which is best?

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