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  • Sunfish ID help
    Just picked this baby up for free! I know by the new style rudder and the metal trim that it was made between 72 and 87. My son says that the all wood rudder and tiller plus the blue deck means built in 82. I have found the SN yet. View attachment 24110

  • Bridle (?) Length
    I have what I think might be a considerably older sunfish. It has a rudder system that someone said was only used until 1972. Who knows.
    But the main question is like to ask is that, at some point, whether originally or as a mod, someone put a cable bridle on where the mainsheet ties off in the back. The bridle had a swage that creates a loop in the middle, which doesn't seem to be what everyone is using. Most of the sunfish I've seen in videos have a simple length of line that the mainsheet...

    Bridle (?) Length

  • Cam cleat for new sailor
    I see I can change out my mainsheet pulley for a so called cam cleat( ability to lock mainsheet )

    As a new sailor am I better off keeping what I have so I am always holding the sheet?

    Seems like it would be nice to lock the main sheet for an extended run and give my hand a rest but on the other hand I can see where if I get caught up in my sailing and forget to unlock the sheet I can get into a bit of trouble.

    Any thoughts?

    Please forgive my possible inaccurate terminology, still learning

  • Parting out my J/24
    I am parting out my J/24 it's easier to say what I do not have, mast,hull,rudder,cushions,sails. I do have life lines and stantion's bow and stern railings hatches mast to deck cover all the interior bright work winches pulleys lexan companion way cover compasses lights. If you are restoring a J/24 this lot will get the job done and you won't have to hunt for odds and ends to do it. Thanks for looking this over. Captain lately.

  • J-24 Parts
    I have a J-24 to part out. Hope to follow-up with a complete list of parts but for now, most items on an early competitive boat are available including complete rig with running and standing rigging, rudder and tiller, deck hardware, even a single axle trailer. Please get in touch with your needs and I can send photos and condition of each item. Thanks, Art 508-360-4691

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