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Danny a bit of a dud...
Written by Ken
Sunday, 30 August 2009 08:02
Except for the puff that blew the tent into the power line of the club and knocked out the power for the area Danny was mostly rain. The forecast, depending on where you look, is anywhere from 10 to 15. Things are going thru quick. The sun is already coming out so maybe the thermal will kick in.

The buses from Halifax haven't arrived so things are moving a bit slow so far. We got here about 9:30 and need to push of by about 11:30 so we have some time.

Waiting for Danny...
Written by Ken
Saturday, 29 August 2009 16:29
Well the Opening Ceremonies which were supposed to happen on Saturday
evening have been rescheduled for Tuesday. So far we are expected to
arrive Sunday for the first day of racing at the normal time. Depending
on what forecast you look at we could be either waiting on shore for it
to settle down or we could be leaving on time. In one forecast it shows
we would sail out (noon) in about 20 kts and as the day progresses we
would sail in with about 12 kts and clear skies. The direction is to be
West which is across the bay which runs pretty much North-South. The
prevailing waves from the passing storm may be coming in from the South
which could make some interesting sailing.

So for now we are hunkered down in the cabin watching it rain. No real
wind yet. Leigh just looked at the weather in New Hampshire and it is
blowing about 40 kts at the Isle of Shoals. It is traveling NNE at
about 30 knots so it should be here while we are sleeping. We have a
feeling it is not going to be too bad but you never know. They had us
all turn our boats over and they staked down the charter boats just to
be safe.

Time to cook dinner...salmon is cheaper than beef here...what a shame


Photos of The Journey
Written by Ken
Tuesday, 25 August 2009 19:08
Here are a couple photos. One of Lori standing under the Arch at
Hopewell Rocks. The other is at the house in Black Point, Nova Scotia
looking out over St Margarets Bay.

The Journey is done...we made it!
Written by Ken
Tuesday, 25 August 2009 11:24

We left Saturday morning and got just east of Montreal where we found a
pet friendly hotel for the night. The tourist information places are
really great. The people working them speak very good English and are
very friendly. On Sunday we went to Quebec and somehow found a place we
could park with the trailer. We wandered around the lower level below
the Notre Dame Basilica. It is mostly a walking area with a lot of
small shops and cafes. One thing we have noticed is that in direct
contrary to the rumors.the people in Quebec Province are very nice.

Upon leaving we kind of took a scenic route that occupied the better
part of an hour (Ken's fault.). Our goal was to get to Moncton which is
very near the North end of the Bay of Fundy. Our route was all in
Canada to the North of Maine. It is rough country but very interesting.
Driving was easy as it was a very starry night. We arrived in Moncton
about 11:30 PM EST.and forgot about the time zone change.so actually
12:30 AM. I am actually thinking the Moose warning signs are just a way
to attract tourists. All the night time driving, tons of warning signs,
and not a single moose. Lori got me a refrigerator magnet with a moose
on it.the scam works..

Monday we went to Hopewell Rocks Park http://www.thehopewellrocks.ca/.
This is where the tides have worn away some massive rocks that now form
arches, caves, and flower pot like shapes. It is fascinating. The tides
are 42' right now. They can reach over 50'! It was raining the whole
time but still amazing to see. From there it was about 3.5 hours to our
home in Black Point (link below).

A local radio station has added a special station and internet
streaming. It is very cool! Interviews, live on the water reports, and
some local music (folk to rap). Wow! Check it out at
http://can09.laserinternational.org and click on the 106.3 link at the

Here is a google map link of our Black Point home:

Once I get a cable for our camera I will post a couple photos.

For you gearheads.no mechanical trouble with the van or kayak trailer
(Brendon did a great job packing the new bearings). About 1/2 way here
the odometer passed 190,000. The mileage is varying from 17.3 to 18.1!
It is getting better with age (knock on wood.).


Basic Info
Written by Ken
Thursday, 13 August 2009 21:29

The Laser/Radial Master's World Championship on St Margaret's Bay in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  This place is another time zone East of Maine! 

ILCA event registration website: click here

Venue web site: click here

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