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It's done...Closing Ceremony was nice
Written by Ken
Saturday, 05 September 2009 21:30
So it is all done...been a couple days since I wrote. On Thursday I had
one good race and Friday one so-so race. Today (Saturday) we got most
of the way around the course and they abandoned for everyone then towed
us in. In general when the wind is up I am not fast upwind. The guy
who won our class probably weighs less than me so it is not just
weight...it is fitness level and time in the boat. I finished about
where I should have and I should be satisfied.

The Closing Ceremony was in Halifax in a converted Sea Freight
warehouse. One side was a huge shopping center and this other side was
a big open building refinished inside just for events like this. Be
sure to check out the event websites for other stories and photos.

All-in-all it has been a nice time. Some good sailing in cold/salty
water. The views were fantastic. While sailing and when at the house
anywhere you looked at anytime of the day was just plain nice. It is to
bad this is so far away to visit more often.

BTW...does anyone out there really read this?

Rest Day...Early Day...MVP
Written by Ken
Thursday, 03 September 2009 20:02
So...the day after the rest day was to start one hour early to get a
make-up race in. But it looks like they failed to post a change to allow
more then two race per day...as Homer Simpson would say "DOH!". As a
result we sailed two races in 15 kt breezes and were at the dock by 3:30
pm...the sun was still warm... I was ready for 3 races but it was nice
to get in while it was warm.

Results??? Well...I didn't sail my drop in the first race. I had an ok
start but in this wind range I am not real fast. I can't point and get
pinballed a bit. When I get out into open water it is better...but not
great. So in the first race I thought I sailed my drop but it was a
whole 2 places better...24th. The next race I really pressed the start
hung tough a while. Eventually I got it from both sides and had to
bail...DOH! The left was a bit better but I was happier on my own. I
had a decent run and on the second beat I had recalled the "Predict
Wind" site had forecasted a righty. Good thing since I had no lane to
go left so right I went. I worked a few lanes and some shifts to get by
a chunk of boats. Probably went from mid twenties to mid teens. Again
I had an "ok" run but got by some on the last reach and short beat to
end up 11th. When I finished I thought it was much worse. Leigh Savage
has found himself in the judges eyes. I have sailed near him enough to
know he is not anywhere near pressing the propulsion rules. I am not
sure what they are seeing and he is pretty frustrated about it.
Otherwise he is sailing really well and could easily be ahead of me.

MVP??? It is my wife Lori...there is no dinner at the club every day
and Lori has been making some FANTASTIC meals! Salmon, Shrimp, loads of
veggies and pasta or rice! Plus she has been keeping us very nicely
stocked with Canadian wines and Beer! Alexander Keith's IPA is pretty
nice! Plus we get a free mug for each 18 pack. Hmmm...we seem to be
getting a nice collection of mugs...

Honestly I am not happy with my results but I am really enjoying the
experience. I hope to do more of these Masters Worlds. It may be a
while before it comes to a place where I can afford to do it again so I
will enjoy this one while it lasts...

Just like a Fall day on Lake St Clair...
Written by Ken
Wednesday, 02 September 2009 08:14
Tuesday was almost like sailing at home in October. Cool North winds
blowing from shore. Up and down velocity and 20 to 30 degree shifts.
It made it tough for the RC to "pick the middle" and get a course set.
The Apprentice fleet got half way into their race and got abandoned. So
again we waited. There was still a swell coming in from the South which
made for an odd feeling with the short chop on top.

Our race finally got going about 2pm. I wanted to get left but ended up
right...go figure. About half way up I looked deep. The edges were
paying so I went hard right and got back into the top half of the fleet.
The wind was varying from about 7 to 12 kts. On the run I got some nice
lanes and passed a bunch to my right and maintained on the left group.
By the bottom I was in the low teens. This time I ate some dirt and got
left. The breeze came in with some nice lift. I rounded the top mark
about 7th. I got passed by a couple and passed one by the finish to end
up 8th. Pretty happy with that.

They didn't wait long to get the next race going. The wind was in a
right phase so everyone piled up at the boat. The left looked good
again so I went for the middle. I had some good lanes and a group of us
went pretty far left. The leaders reached into the mark. I was still
mostly upwind and rounded 5th. Our group had a bit of a gap on the
fleet so were able to maintain and actually gain a bit on the run. Next
beat was mostly left again and we got an even bigger gap on the bulk of
the fleet. The Brazilian guy who is leading the regatta is really fast.
He was able to cross the gap and get up to 3rd. I passed one guy from
Canada to end up 5th. Another keeper.

It was nice to get in before the sun started to set. The opening
ceremonies (delayed due to Danny) were in the evening followed by a
simple dinner. In the ceremony they talked about all the money they got
from sponsorship and government. They got $250,000 from the government
just for operating expenses of the regatta and we still have to bring
our own water on the race course. Doesn't make sense but what do I
know... They do have live music every night in the clubhouse next to
the cash bar ($5 beer, $6 wine). We brought a cooler of Keith's Pale
Ale...good stuff. With 27 countries there it was interesting to see and
talk with everyone in one place. During the previous days people were
relatively scattered.

Wednesday is a rest day. We'll go see some sites maybe do some bike
riding and/or kayaking. The club has added a meal of steamed mussels
and another live band (maybe this cost $250K?). So maybe we'll do that
but grilling at the house would be nice too. Thursday they want to
start one hour earlier to try and get 3 races. Another long day...

For results and links to photos go to
http://can09.laserinternational.org. Leigh and I are in the Radial
Master division and Mike Schreiber is in the Standard Master. They are
still in qualifying rounds.

Monday was a better day...
Written by Ken
Tuesday, 01 September 2009 08:28
We had another long wait for the first race. There was wind but it was up and down and shifty. We didn't get going until almost 3pm. They got an earlier start off for the Apprentice division but the wind shifted about 50 degrees on their first beat and was dropping quickly so they abandoned. When we finally started the wind was about 8kts. I wanted to go left so I was near the pin even though the line was 5 degrees favored the other way. I pulled the trigger a hair to late so a guy for MX got in front of me. At the time there was no lane to tack to so I stuck it out. Then the MX guy got whistled for a rule 42 (kinetic propulsion) and had to do a 720 penalty!! Now I had clear air and the wind had already shifted left some. I stcuk it out and worked the left hard. Eventually the wind filled left and we were footing into the mark on the port layline with about 5 kts more breeze than the middle. I was 4th at the first mark and held out for 5th in the race. It really boosted my confidence that maybe I am not an idiot.

We had to wait a long time for the second race to go. It started with even less breeze and as we got close to the weather mark on the 2nd beat they abandoned. Leigh and I were in the top 10 but dropping so it was a good thing.

Leigh moved up some places in the overall and I jumped up a bunch. Mike Schrieber is doing well in the tough Masters Standard class (27? Out of 85). That's all who is here from D19.

First day we had to wait some.
Written by Ken
Monday, 31 August 2009 08:30
We sailed out in a light Westerly and when we got to the start area it died. By about 2:30 the sea breeze came in and our first start was about 3pm. The wind was about 12 to 18 kts with a 3' swell about 15 degrees off the wind. It made the downwinds a bit odd as you could not catch all the waves and still get down to the mark. The downwinds were my best legs. Upwind I am a little off the pace and slightly stupid. Combine that over a long leg and it means a lot.

Second race didn't start until almost 4pm and it was fairly similar. The left side of the end of the windward leg paid off and I was always right. Slightly stupid. So with finishes in the twenties out of 37 in our division it is not stellar. Leigh Savage is doing well. It is obvious all the sailing he has done this year has paid off.

Monday, day 2, fog is in but it will burn off into a sea breeze. This one should be on time so hopefully we get in earlier. The radials have the closer race course so it is nice being the early group to the beach!

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