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Day 3 was not meant to be...
Written by Ken
Sunday, 17 May 2009 20:39
Well...the final day had thunderstorms looming. Since we had over a one
hour sail out the RC really had to make a tough decision. After about a
1 hour postponement they cancelled for the day for safety reasons.

The scores after throw out did not affect me so I stayed 21st. At the
awards they gave some interesting trophies like one for the person who
had a first but finished the lowest in the overall. They also gave a
perseverance award for the person who finished all the races, had the
most points, and still attended the awards. It went to a guy who just
bought his first laser a couple months ago! He promised to be back.

This was a great place to sail. I wish I had done a bit better but all
in all I am pretty satisfied. I need to get fitter and work on my
downwinds. Nothing new...

Day 2 - Big guys rule!
Written by Ken
Saturday, 16 May 2009 21:24
Well...today conditions favored the big guys. Wind was 15-20 kts with a
slight right shift. The big guys were definitely happier. My results
were mid-fleet so I have moved to 21st. If I were fitter I could hang
better. I still struggle some downwind. I really need to work on that.

After the race they again had an open bar with fantastic appetizers
followed by a big dinner. They gave away tons of stuff from the
sponsors. This is a top notch regatta.

Sunday the conditions depend on the approaching weather front. I have
heard forecasts of 20+ and also some locals say it could be light.

Full results are here http://www.carolinayachtclub.org/LMNA.html


Day 1 "it's never like this"
Written by Ken
Friday, 15 May 2009 21:45
So after a few days of R&R here on the coast the regatta has finally
begun. It is a typical "never like this" day. We've been here since
Tuesday and it has been blowing 20 every day. So now the first day of
the regatta and it is 8 to 10 kts from the SSE. Not enough Radials
signed up so we are all sailing in an open fleet. Leftover lump and
light air...I weigh 153 and am sailing a full rig...hmmm

Race 1 after a couple general recalls I had a nice start about 1/3 down
from the boat. Somehow a hole opened up to leeward and even though I
pulled the trigger late...as usual...I was able to leg out pretty nice.
The wind was going slight right all but I was going left. There were
still some nice lefties to cross in. Somehow I ended up first at the
weather mark! I made a bad choice to not gybe right away and lost a few
boats. Then I decided to cross back to the left side instead of working
my side. Lost another few boats. Went upwind again and did not get
right but still held my own. I actually thought I finished 15th but
ended up 11th.

Race 2 had one recall. I had an ok start but was able to pull clear of
the boats near me. Again I got a bit left and slowly worked right. I
rounded the top mark in the high-teens. The run was so-so for me. I
had a hard time finding the rhythm of the waves. The next beat I found
some ok lanes and was able to pass a few boats. At the top mark I gybed
right away and got a little more pressure. I think I passed 5 or 6
boats. At the bottom mark I had a boat close behind so I tried to close
the door an mis-judged the mark. It glanced off the hull so I had to do
a 360. I went from 8th to 10th.

Race 3 I had an awful start. I really struggled to get clean air and
worked hard to get right. I was probably in the mid 20s at the top
mark. Again I gybed right away and got clear to pass a small group.
The next beat was again a struggle for clean air. I spent minutes at a
time with one boat in my breeze because it was better than two boats in
my breeze. I again worked right and was able to get by a few more. The
run I passed a couple and lost a couple and ended up 11th.

As we pulled the boats out they treated us to rum drinks. A pretty lady
was walking thru the boats with trays of drinks. Very nice!!

So I am in 7th out of 93 boats. Pretty amazing! The wind for Saturday
is again supposed to be a bit light but Sunday is supposed to blow. The
rules allow switching rigs so I can use the radial if I want. Here are
the full results:


The club is pretty cool. We will take some pictures and post them. The
men's locker room is HUGE! Tons of big lockers. The floors are slatted
to the ground below so all your wet stuff just flows right down and
away! The shower room has about a dozen shower heads! Everyone just
walks right in with their sailing stuff on and showers off. The club
has dozens of big rocking chairs on the beach side upper and lower

Master's North Americans at Carolina Yacht Club May 16-18
Written by Ken
Thursday, 07 May 2009 14:18
On Monday we take off for Wrightsville Beach, NC. Regatta info can be
found at www.carolinayachtclub.org/lasermastersna.html. Lori
found us a great house by the Wilmington airport. It is 30 minutes from
the club but it will be a great base for us to explore the area in the
days before the regatta. This is my first time sailing, or even
visiting, this area so I am really looking forward to it!

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